2006 Accreditation Timeline

  • Establish Virtual Resource Room and begin entering content.
  • Establish web site for the accreditation preparation process.
  • Complete first draft of the following chapters:
    • Who we are as a university
    • UNL since 1997
    • Criterion 1
    • Criterion 2
    • Criterion 3
    • Criterion 4
    • Criterion 5
    • Diversity
    • Assessment
  • Complete Federal Compliance section

Spring 2006

  • Solicit general input to the chapter drafts.
  • Develop chapter(s) on the strategic planning special emphasis.
  • Solicit general input to the strategic planning draft.
  • Write second drafts of all chapters.
  • Develop the Institutional Snap Shot.
  • Solicit third part comment.
  • Begin preparation of the video about the Self-Study.

Summer 2006

  • Prepare the final draft of the Self-Study report and submit (August) to the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Update the Virtual Resource Room.
  • Prepare the executive summary of the Self-Study.
  • Complete the Self-Study video.

Fall 2006

  • Hold forums around the campus to prepare for the visit of the accreditation team.
  • Inform university constituents about the self-study and accreditation visit.
  • Host the accreditation team, November 6-8.
Higher Learning Commission Mark of Affiliation