Assessment Interim Report 1997 Appendix A

1997 Annual Report

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
April 1998

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Appendix A
University-wide Assessment Interim Report
March 1997

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Introduction and Recommendations


Program Planning/Budgeting
Academic Program Review
External Accreditation
Comprehensive Education Report
Annual Report

Assessment Activities

Role of University-wide Assessment Steering Committee
University-wide Data

  • Career Services Report
  • ASTIN Survey
  • Student Omnibus Survey
  • Planning for the Future

College-Based Assessment Activities



Exhibits (included with report)

  1. Request for Interim Assessment Report
  2. Highlights of College Interim Reports
  3. Summary of Unit Assessment Plans (from UNL Assessment Plan, 1996)

Appendices (available upon request)

  1. Guidelines for Strategic Planning & Budgeting Process, October 9, 1996
  2. Academic Program Review Guidelines, Fall 1996
  3. List of Academic Program Reviews, 1996-97 1997-98
  4. List of Accreditation Reviews
  5. Career Services Office Report (separate cover)
  6. ASTIN Survey
  7. Student Omnibus Survey

College Interim Reports (separate binders - available upon request)