Assessment Report 1999 Appendix B

1999 Annual Report

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
September 2000

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Appendix B


October 1, 1999 [NAME]

Dear Dean [NAME]:

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the date for submission of your 1999 college assessment report is December 3.

As you may recall, the University Assessment Plan approved by the NCA requires the University-wide Assessment Committee to oversee preparation of a university-wide annual assessment report. Your office should have received a copy of the 1998 Annual Assessment Report earlier this fall; the report is also now available on the UNL website (

The college assessment report is an important component of the university-wide report. In addition, the college assessment report is useful in the preparation for mid-cycle reviews. Any program/department undergoing a mid-cycle review is not required to produce a report at that time because past college assessment reports provide adequate documentation.

This year's request has been slightly modified to ask for a brief commentary (1-2 paragraphs) from both the college and its departments regarding how assessment is proceeding in the college or department. If your college has already collected 1998 reports from your departments, this commentary need not be included in this year's annual assessment report. However, please request that your departments include this commentary in next year's report. Below you will find the types of documentation we anticipate will be included in the college/departmental assessment reports.

  1. Overview of the assessment plan:

    • program-level objectives for student learning,
    • methods used to measure learning objectives (including copies of any instruments used)
    • how responsibility for assessment is handled (e.g., an assessment coordinator, an assessment committee, the undergraduate committee, the curriculum committee)
    • how results are communicated to your faculty as a whole
  2. Summary of your data collection:
    • focus of your data collection
    • results and interpretation of the data collected
    • actions proposed or taken as a result of assessment information
  3. Brief commentary (1-2 paragraphs) by the college and its departments about how assessment is proceeding in the college/department (i.e. efficiency, usefulness, meaningfulness, etc.)

    If your assessment plan (i.e. objectives, methods, responsibility, etc.) has remained unchanged since the previous report feel free to refer back to that report. This will keep the demand of these reports to a minimum. Note that information regarding the focus of your assessment activities for the year, the summary of results and actions, and your commentary are particularly important to the University-wide Assessment Committee. This information is useful in determining the future course of outcomes assessment and how this process can be better developed and conducted at UNL.

As a reminder, you have two format options for your college assessment report.

  1. Include copies of the detailed annual reports submitted to you from each program/department, along with information on your college-level activities (i.e. college-wide survey, etc.). If a program has submitted a self-study for academic program review or accreditation, that self-study can serve as its annual assessment report, provided adequate information about their assessment plans, activities, and results are included in that document.


  2. Forward just a summary of program and college level assessment activities to our office. If you choose to send only a summary, you will need to keep on file copies of the detailed reports (both department and college level) that we may refer to as needed.

Although we hope that assessment activities and documentation are becoming more routine for all programs, outcomes assessment that truly aids program improvement is ever evolving. This evolution involves addressing new questions or re-examining earlier questions from a new perspective. I look forward to reviewing your reports and helping to share your ideas with colleagues across the university.


Jessica L. Jonson
University-wide Assessment Coordinator
208 Admin (0420)