Nancy Kenny Academic Business Leader Award

Award: $500

Eligibility: Full-time faculty and staff

The Nancy Kenny Award honors an individual of integrity who has demonstrated exceptional collaborative leadership in academic business matters at the University. The award is named for Nancy Kenny, who served the University in business leadership positions across the campus. The award was established in 2013. Awardees will be recognized at The Laurels award reception in April.

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Nancy Kenny
Nancy Kenny, 2012

Nomination Instructions

Full dossiers should be submitted electronically to and include the following:

  • Nomination form: Please indicate the award for which the individual is being nominated, and provide basic information, including contact information for the nominator and seconder (a seconder is not required).
  • Nomination Letter: (Maximum of three pages in length.) Nomination letters should address the nominee’s requisite qualities (minimally including integrity and collaborative style) and provide evidence of at least one specific instance in which the nominee’s exceptional leadership of a business matter served to facilitate the University’s academic mission. Examples may include:
    • Designing, developing or implementing innovative approaches to academic business matters.
    • Improving business practices, strengthening organizational development, or applying technology in order to enhance effectiveness and productivity.
    • Reducing costs, increasing revenues or improving the management of existing resources.
    • Re-engineering or designing a program to improve the delivery of administrative service in response to a campus need.
  • Supporting Letter(s) (Maximum of two letters). Letters can be from current or former colleagues, supervisors, employees, or others within the university community in a position to provide an assessment of the individual’s impact.

About the Award

Nancy Kenny, a Nebraska native, received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Kenny joined UNL in 1997 and served as assistant to the dean in the College of Arts and Science, director of fiscal management services in Fiscal Affairs, associate director/chief financial officer of Husker Athletics, and assistant vice chancellor for Academic Affairs. Nancy spent her career searching for creative solutions to problems that provided significant benefits to deans, directors and fellow business professionals. Nancy had a passion for music which she shared in her daily interactions with her colleagues. Kenny retired in 2012.

Past Awardees

Year Recipient Department
2016 James Volkmer Academic Services and Enrollment Management
2015 Michael Zeleny Office of Research and Economic Development