About University Professorships

University Professorships funded by the Foundation are the most prestigious professorships awarded by the institution. They reflect the following major criteria:

  • An extraordinary level of scholarly or creative achievement and clear potential for continuing major accomplishments that enhance the reputation of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Documented excellence in various aspects of teaching and outreach and demonstrated commitment to the welfare of traditional and non-traditional learners.
  • Extensive involvement and service in furtherance of the several missions of the University (which include activities in national and international organizations in the candidate's field), significantly above the normal level of campus citizenship.

These professorships carry a $15,000 stipend supported by an endowed fund at the University of Nebraska Foundation. University professorships are awarded for a five-year term, and are renewable upon review. In addition, the holder may be reappointed for the duration of his or her tenure by the Chancellor at the time of review. Holders of university professorships will upon retirement carry the University Professorship designation as part of their emeritus title.

University Professorships Committee

September 2017-18

Name Department Term
Victoria Molfese,
Chancellor’s Professor
(Committee Chair)
Child, Youth & Family Studies 2014-2017
Jim Alfano,
Bessey Professor
Plant Pathology 2015-2018
Robert Brooke,
Weaver Professor
English 2017-2020
Myra Cohen,
Rosowski Professor
Computer Science & Engineering 2016-2018
Kwame Dawes,
Chancellor’s Professor
English 2014-2018
David DiLillo,
Cather Professor
Psychology 2017-2020
Concetta DiRusso,
George Holmes Professor
Biochemistry 2016-2019
Susan Hermiller,
Cather Professor
Mathematics 2017-2020
Karen Kunc,
Cather Professor
School of Art, Art History, & Design 2016-2019
Yongfeng Lu,
Lott Distinguished Professor
Electrical Engineering 2013-2018
Kathleen Rudasill,
Rosowski Professor
Educational Psychology 2017-2020
Anthony Starace,
George Holmes University Professor
Physics and Astronomy 2014-2019
James Takacs,
Charles J. Mach University Professor
Chemistry 2013-2018

Ex-Officio Members (w/ voting responsibilities)

Judy Walker,
Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Michael Boehm,
Harlan Vice Chancellor and Vice President, IANR
Steve Goddard,
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development

The chair of the committee is re-appointed annually by the executive vice chancellor.