UNL Policy on Hiring and Appointment Terms of Post Doctoral Research Associate

Issued September 2006
Note: replaces October 29, 2003, policy memorandum regarding Hiring and Reclassification of Post Doctoral Research Associates

Sample Letter of Offer for Post Doctoral Research Associate Appointments

  1. The campus web-based application system (currently People Admin) is available for the hiring of all positions, including post doctoral research associates. In fact, in order to ensure a diverse pool of candidates for post-doc positions, you should use the campus web-based application process.
  2. University policy allows for the appointment of post doctoral research associates without a search. However, if a post doctoral research associate has not been recruited and appointed through the UNL applicant search process, under no circumstances will a search waiver be granted to change the appointment terms to a regular faculty position, e.g. senior research associate, research assistant professor.
  3. Post doctoral research associates must be on annual appointments, and may be appointed for a maximum of five years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  4. All letters of appointment as a post doctoral research associate should include the statement that such appointment is limited to 5 years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and that annual reappointment depends upon successful accomplishment of assigned duties and the availability of grant funds.
  5. All letters of appointment should also include the statement that post-doctoral research associate do not qualify for retirement benefits, but if appointed at 0.5 or greater, they ordinarily are eligible for NUFlex benefits.
  6. As a representative of the institution, the department chair or head and the dean must co-sign with the PI all letters of appointment and reappointment.