Promotion & Tenure

The tenure and promotion reviews you will conduct this year and the advance work you will do to prepare for next year's reviews are among the most important activities in the academy.

Those individuals whom we invite to join the senior faculty will continue to shape the University's academic aspirations and profile for the next generation. It is extremely important that your reviews be conducted in strict accordance with University procedures and by-laws, that they be characterized (and perceived to be characterized) by fairness, and that you apply appropriate and rigorous standards in forming your evaluations and recommendations. The Guidelines for the Evaluation of Faculty: Annual Evaluations, Promotion and Tenure will serve as a useful reference on the process.

File Due Dates to SVCAA

Tenure and Promotion

Jan 31,
Nominations for tenure with promotion to go into effect July 1, 2017 or August 14, 2017

Promotion Only

Feb 28,
Nominations for promotion only to go into effect July 1, 2017 or August 14, 2017

Documentation Formats

Below are the documentation formats to be followed by all candidates. Every file must be in a binder with clearly labeled sections in documentation format order.


The following forms must be completed by all candidates and included in your nomination file.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Transmittal Forms for:

Waiver of Right to See Information Form

Course Listing and Evaluation Form

Sample External Review Memo

Extensions in Tenure

Personal circumstances may prevent a faculty member in a tenure-leading position (Specific Term appointment) from performing at the level that is necessary to attain the stature expected of University of Nebraska-Lincoln faculty for tenure within the time frame of the probationary period. Learn more about the details and procedures for extensions in tenure.

Changes in Tenure Home

To receive information regarding changes in tenure home, view the steps to take. In order to begin the change in tenure home process, complete the Request to Transfer Tenure Home Department Form